Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love & Support, So They Tell Me....

Sooooo....I spent 12 worthwhile years with a company, which has just recently laid me off. After dedicating many hours and holidays in lieu of time spent with family and friends, finishing school, and sustaining any resemblance of a normal social life, I find myself in a floating quandary of what to do next. These were my thoughts (not in any particular emotional order):
  1. Perform a personal test of my ex-company's dental plan by allowing the top three layers of management above me to 'bite the curb'.
  2. Sucker punch an LDS 'representative'.
  3. Improve my smoking habit from 1 pack a day to 2.
  4. Write my Republican representative, with my very distinct thoughts along the lines of 'suck it' and 'even Jesus hates you'.
  5. Sell bonsai trees at the corner gas station.
  6. Write a blog.
It is always a good thing, in times like these, that you can really rely on family and friends to pick you up, dust you off and say such encouraging words like 'you will find something better' or 'they never appreciated you'. As luck would have it...I didn't exactly get that reaction. I know that the people around me have my best interests at heart, but I can only think that my long-standing morbid sense of humor has spread its wings and set an unknown standard for how my family and friends offer their love and support.

This is my mom....
She looks harmless, right? I love her to death, but her words were "I have always hated you having that job." That would seem encouraging if it was not followed up with "Is your hair thinning? You get that from your father's side of the family" and "those dark circles under your eyes are really looking bad." As her encouraging words are still floating in the air, I ponder as to why my internal compass is so confused.

Here is my man of 3 years....
Isn't he just the picture of brutish charm and subtle sensitivity? I would like to say that he is about as smooth as that cue ball head of his, but....lets just start with reactions such as "can you pop this?" Four days after my layoff, he turned to me in bed, and with endearing eyes asked me "Can you give me a full body massage? I have had a really rough week." On his single day off, after my layoff, his response when asked what we were going to do for the day was "I thought I would drop you off at the Unemployment office." I know what you are thinking, but stand back girls....he is all mine!

This is the other part of "Sachel", Susan, the best co-worker and friend a girl could ever have by her side...

Fortunately, or unfortunately, she still has a job with the company. The added bonus for keeping her job was an immediate change of hours and the addition of 2 other department operations, with the adage from management "we still need you at this point". Yeah, the company incentives are just THAT good!

All and all, I know in the depths of my normally dark heart, that everyone deals with issues the best way they know how. I love my family, and my friends...and I could not ask for another group of dysfunctional  personalities that I would rather have in my boat.

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